Friday, May 6, 2011

Pictures - finally!

Sorry for the delay, but we are just getting the hang of things around here. Internet is expensive, but we were able to find free access from the boat - it is very slow, but it will do. Don't tell anyone!

Puddle Jumpers celebrating!
There are several other Puddle Jumpers in Nuku Hiva, so we organized a Meet - n - Greet. It was fun listening to everyone tell their stories.

Anchored in Nuku Hiva

Some folks had an easy ride; some folks struggled.

So far, the longest trip declared was 35 days. I am so glad that wasn't us!

Hoisting our French flags - Land Ho!

This has been an excellent place to recover, work on projects, and provision.

It is a lovely town and very easy to walk around.

Getting closer (and warmer!)

Our only complaint, the fresh veggie market starts at 4AM on Saturdays; 6AM on Wednesdays.

Saving the evil spinnaker!
And if you don't get there on time, you won't get the goods. What's up with that?

But, if you do get up early, you can get a fresh chocolate croissant and fresh baguettes (which are delivered in crates everyday). Okay, not so bad!

Flying the evil spinnaker
We have checked in with the Gendarmes, cleared Customs, and gone to Medical for our free Elephantitis pills (don't ask).

Beautiful rainbows!
That should be the end of our "official" duties except for checking out when we leave Nuku Hiva.

We have checked out the 2 restaurants, 2 grocery stores, and the hardware store, plus have been doing some sightseeing.

Heading into a squall
Our projects are going well, but we did have quite a list. Doug was able to figure out why our generator was giving us grief - the fuel pump had failed and the generator wasn't getting enough fuel. It is fixed and running just fine.

My workspace!
The jib seams have been restitched - thanks to the local sail loft (Eric and Daphne).

Doug needs to go up the mast and re-run the spinnaker halyard and check the jib masthead and furler.

We will wait for a calm day before doing this project!

Fresh Yellowfin Tuna - yum

We hope to have everything ship-shape by the middle of next week.

We want to visit a couple of other bays on Nuku Hiva and then sail to the Tuamotos.

There are several other islands in the Marquesas that we want to see, but we will see them when we start sailing North to Hawaii later this year.

Doug and Brian bundled and tethered
I know, I have been chatting for a long time, but it has been a week and I guess I have lots to say!

Thanks for all of your support and wonderful comments along the way.

We just got to read them and loved them all.

Leaving Cabo San Lucas
We miss everyone and think of you all of the time.

Come and see us sometime!

PS:  It's kind of a rainy day.  You know what that means?  No laundry today - Yahoo!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

So awesome to see these pics! Painful to see too... I so want to go South again. Enjoy!! Hugs to the happy fun people!

Anonymous said...

We have been on pins and needles not hearing from you in a few days but you are forgiven the pictures says it all what a beautiful place! so happy you are resting and enjoying the sights we head over to Becs tomorrow and visit with Phil and Danette while they are helping with projects there we will be missing you two alot Love Mom DAd

Sarah and Darrell said...

Love the pictures! Love you guys! You are such an inspiration to all of us. Sarah, Darrell, and the Sparkster

Jesse said...

I'm so very happy that you made this trip. Even before you cruised away from Mexico. I would get up in the morning, make coffee, check FB to see your progress on Moondance. It never failed to put a smile on my face. Still does.