Saturday, June 20, 2009

We were robbed!

Can you believe it?

While we were sleeping last night, something (Raccoon?) climbed inside our boat and stole the Brownies that Behan (Totem) gave us (which we were saving!).

The evidence -
  • Brownie bag moved from our galley (kitchen) counter to the deck
  • Brownies scattered across the deck
  • A chocolate paw print left during the getaway
Doug thinks I must have scared it as I prowled around watching the thunderstorm - the thief didn't get a chance to finish devouring the Brownies.

I am glad I didn't see the thief - I would have had a conniption!


Anonymous said...

Might have been a skunk. Were there any foul odors?

(Not talking about Carla here despite her reputation.)


Ana said...

Man! At least they didn't take the tequilla!

Eric said...

Brownies gone..robbed you sure it didn't leave a note like "Doug ate these!" hmmmm....very suspicious....Eric

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

That looks like one of Doug's footprints to me...
In Turtle Bay - all going well and I think the anticiption of the "bash" is the worst part. :)
Miss your smiling (and chocolate covered) faces!

Behan said...

I've got another batch ready, but you have to come to Phoenix. :-)