Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big squid - yuck!

There is a lot of activity here in the Santa Rosalia harbor late at night! The pangas leave around 6pm and return starting at 11pm and throughout the wee hours of the morning. They are fishing for the big Humbolt Squid (Diablo Rojo or Red Devil) that come to the surface at night to feed and are attracted to light.

From what we have heard, the first squid is caught, cutup, and thrown back which starts a feeding frenzy and the fishing/jigging starts. The boats coming back are loaded and riding very low in the water.

We had to go check it out. The local pescaderos were very nice and excited to show us their catch. I was hoping to photograph a squid before they were cleaned, but that is completed outside of the harbor - good thing.

Just so you can get an idea, we found a video on YouTube - pretty scary (and dangerous) creature!


Steve said...

Yuck? Wadda ya mean yuck?

We hear there is a great place to enjoy squid here in La Paz but haven't been there yet. Something about Ana saying 'YUCK' when it's suggested. Maybe when you head south again we can try it out.

s/v No Worries

Anonymous said...

But the Dorado love it. If you like Dorado, put a chunk of squid with your bait, and see what happens.
Yuck to Yum.

s/v Sogno d'Oro.

Ana said...

Yum to Dorado and Yuck to Squid!