Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ken!

What a cutie, huh? I am guessing you were 12 and living in Hermiston, Oregon, at the Grody hotel. True? That ought to take you back!

You were looking good then but, looking even better now! I am not even going to try and guess your age - that would just make me think about my age - oh my!

Sorry we can't be with you to celebrate your Birthday, but we are thinking of you. Hope you celebrate in style!

We are looking forward to visiting you and the family this summer in New Hampshire.

Love Carla and Doug


Ana said...

Hey Ken:

Happy birthday, we'll toast to you tonight!

Anonymous said...


You were one dorky looking kid, kinda like your sister, Carla.

At least you grew out of it.

Happy Birthday!