Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back to the basics...

Of sailing that is. That's what happens when you have engine problems, which is what we found when we tried to leave Punta Chivato. Our oil pressure light went off - uh oh. Doug spent the day trying to figure out the problem, but no luck.

So, we needed to come up with an alternative plan. Our batteries are low, no marinas close by, the wind hasn't been cooperating, etc. But luck was with us. Jim and Lynda on Gael Force came to our rescue and loaned us their generator to charge our batteries - yahoo!

We decided to continue to head to Santa Rosalia (27 nautical miles north) in the morning with hope of finding repair equipment and/or a good mechanic. No engine, so we are hoping for good wind.

We had a lot of "firsts" on this trip. First time ...
  • Sailing off of our anchor (twice)
  • Using our staysail
  • Flying our spinnaker (in the Sea of Cortez)
  • Anchoring and motoring Moondance using our dinghy
We had limited instrumentation and use of our XM Radio (oh my), but had a very nice sail. We couldn't make Santa Rosalia, but anchored in Caleta de los Arcos on Isla San Marcos. Another new friend, Jim on Little Fawn, trailed us in and loaned us gas for our dinghy - just in case.

Next day, we tried to sail to Santa Rosalia, but the wind was fighting us. We ended up pushing Moondance with our dinghy - only six miles to go.

We had crowd of cruisers monitoring our progress to Santa Rosalia - thank goodness! Lots of offers to come out with their dinghys, bring us fuel, pull us in, get us a slip, and much more. When we finally pushed our way into Marina Singlar, a line of folks were on the docks to manage our lines: Jim and Lynda (Gael Force), Frank and Linda (Discovery), Alan and Barbara (Native Son), plus the Marina crew. We made it safely Thanks to all that helped!

To celebrate our arrival, Discovery had us all over for Happy Hour on their boat - which has A/C. How about that? Then touring the town, yummy hot dogs for dinner and ice cream for dessert. Aren't cruisers wonderful?

All-in-all, quite the adventure. A little stressful, but that is cruising. I am sure happy that I married a sailor.

PS: After all of the worries over our engine problems, it turned out that our sensor went bad. A quick/inexpensive fix. Yahoo!

We decided we need to sail (versus motor) more often. We like it.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Oh no.... bummer.
And you know what would help right now? A Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Yep, that would make it all better.
That and my black lab from Punta Chivato.

Aagghhh - hope it gets fixed and yipee for friends huh? ;)

Ana said...

Cruisers are the best! The best part about cruisers is they stay in touch way after the cruising is over! Glad it was an easy fix!
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love idiot lights? Good to hear it all worked out okay with the iron wind.

ness_eric said...

you two are becoming pioneers! We know you will manage one way or the other: thank gosh for buddies!