Monday, June 8, 2009

Santa Rosalia - Baja Peninsula

Santa Rosalia is an old copper mining town that has lots of relics from the past. It also has very interesting architecture and a large French influence (mine owners). Copper ore would be shipped to the States and wood from Tacoma, Washington, would be shipped back. So, you see lots of wood (versus concrete) homes. They are very beautiful and colorful.

This is a photo of Iglesia Santa Barbarba - steel church built by Gustave Eiffel (Eiffel Tower's creator) and shipped from Brussels. Interesting, huh?

Santa Rosalia is definitely not a tourist destination, but we found lots of good food and things to entertain ourselves.

Statue on the malecon representing the works at the mines.

Attended a local baseball game - rival teams from local towns (doubleheader). We were the only gringos and stood out, but the locals were very nice to us!

Had a wonderful breakfast at the Hotel Francis - beautiful building - built in 1886 - and toured the museum.

A nice place to hang out - have some fun, meet some nice people, and get a few boat projects done.

We leave tomorrow for San Carlos - approximately 70 miles east on the mainland. That means one overnighter, but we are getting used to it. Hopefully, we will have some wind so that we can set our sails!

PS: We made it to San Carlos just fine - I will do a new post soon.

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Ness, Eric and Gavin said...

I love reading your blog. It is the history lesson I never got. Astounding how much you learn while traveling...copper being traded for wood, internationally, way back then...