Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Totem arrives (yeah), big margaritas, and dressing up!

Sailing vessel Totem arrived safely last week! It was wonderful to visit with the Giffords (Behan, Jamie, Niall, Mairen, and Siobhan) and share sailing stories. We haven't known the Giffords very long, but some people come into your lives and it feels like they have always belonged. That's the Giffords! We know we will continue to share our good times, adventures, and margaritas!

The girls hit the pavement and went on a shopping adventure that took us all over La Paz. We were pooped and needed a break and some refreshments. We just happened to go to the Bismark, which has the biggest margarita - yeah! It was a two hander and very good - I would highly recommend it!

Yeah, that is me dressed up - as dressed up as I get these days! The local sailing club holds a monthly luncheon for the ladies. Ana rounded up a bunch of the girls and we had a great time meeting new folks and telling our sailing stories.

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WA Warrens said...

I am wondering if a person that drinks one of those giant margs can even walk?