Sunday, December 28, 2008

Easily distracted...

I promise, we are doing some work on the boat, but we are easily distracted! There is so much going on (especially this time of year) and you know us - we hate to miss a good time.

Fern and Brian (new Canadian friends) invited a bunch of us out to their beautiful home - right on Bahia La Paz. It is an amazing place with a pool, outside bar, and the lovely palapas. As you can see, we made ourselves right at home and enjoyed the festivities!

We had a send off for sailing vessels Rainshadow, Vindsang, and Sea Horse at Tequila's. They were all heading back to the states for the holidays. I don't think any of them were too excited about the weather conditions back home, but were looking forward to seeing family. We were having a good time - as you can tell.

Just one of the many places the girls visited on our shopping adventure - The Sex Shop. Just kidding - we couldn't resist the photo op!

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