Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Anessa!

Who would have thought you would turn out so good, huh? But you did!

Sorry we couldn't be there to help you celebrate your 39th birthday, but we are definitely thinking about you!

Love Pear


ness_eric said...

You are so sweet to put me on the blog and to call. Both meant so much too me. Wish you were here to hug on...Love pins, Mema, Papa,Eric and Gavin

Paul and Margo said...

We met Anessa, Eric and Gavin at Turks & Caicos last month (one great family). Nessa told us about Scott and Carla's sailing adventures (jealous), which really sounds like the "good life". We left the islands only to return to 3 degrees with a -15 windchill. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NESSA AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL.

Paul & Margo