Monday, December 29, 2008

Cheap eats that are muy bueno!

Steve and Ana have been showing us such a good time, which includes lots of wonderful and interesting places to eat. The best shrimp tacos are made by this lady (behind the counter). They are fried, but we didn't care. The only problem is that you never know when she is going to be open, so you need a backup plan. Also, be sure to bring your own cervesas!

This lady is only open for dinner and late night eating for the partying crowd - right outside of her home. She makes wonderful hot dogs wrapped in bacon and super burritos stuffed with shredded beef. Hamburgers too, but we haven't tried those. Again, bring your cervesas!

Marv and Ardy, from Odyssey, just got into town and joined us for dinner. It was wonderful to spend time with our Gate 11 buddies!

Rancho Viejo is a little more upscale (inside dining) and serves arrachero beef (and other goodies) by the kilo, which comes with all of the fixings. Everyone morning, the staff roasts tomatoes, peppers, onions, and tortillas on the big grill. It smells marvelous. Check it out!

I am definitely getting a reputation at these places. They love to watch me drink margaritas and laugh - crazy American. We went to Rancho Viejo for breakfast and the waiter asked me if I want a margarita - hah!


ness_eric said...

Please, no more food descriptions, my mouth is watering at each read!

Behan said...

Marv & Ardy are from Gate 11? How did I miss that!! Carla, these were the folks on the 'southbounders' list with the Mazatlan marinas query. what a fun coincidence! poke 'em for us. :-) see y'all in warmer water, B&J