Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stuck between a high and a low...

High and low pressure system that is - four days of lots of wind and rain - so we are still in Toau. We have been hunkered down on the boat with only a few excursions to shore. It sure felt good to get off the boat and stretch our legs!

Unfortunately, due to the weather system, we didn't make it to Fakarava - so now we are officially out of everything fresh and almost everything drinkable. Good thing we have lots and lots of dried beans, rice, and canned goods. We won't got hungry for sure - just thirsty. Plus, we can get fresh fish any time. Gaston taught Doug how to fish the "local" way. For bait, grab a hermit crab, pull him out of his shell, and then pluck a hunk off of the crab's back end. I know, it sounds terrible, but Gaston says it works. We will have to give it a try.

Our current plan is to leave Toau tomorrow and sail directly to Rangiroa (an overnighter), which will be our last atoll/island to visit before we leave for Hawaii. It sounds like Rangiroa has all the modern facilities - grocery stores, banks, post office, and internet. It will be a good place for us to provision and prepare for our big trip north, plus the lagoon is supposed to be beautiful.

We have been working on a few projects this week. Doug wanted to restitch some of the Sunbrella on the jib (head sail). Sounded easy... but the screws on the furler were loose and we couldn't get the jib down. So, my trapeze artist husband, had to climb up the staysail, swing over to the jib, and slide down - tightening screws along the way. Good thing we found the loose screws now versus at sea!

Doug and Josh (Evergreen) got the hooka gear out and scrubbed our bottom. The hooka really makes this project easier, plus it is great for drift dives, checking your anchor, and lots more. A hooka is on our list to bring with us next year - we just need to find room for the gear.

We have had a wonderful time in Toau (even with the weather system), but it is time to get moving again!

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Ana said...

You will love Rangiroa! Miss you guys, have a great passage to Hawaii! Hmmmmm..... maybe I'll see you there!

Jeremy said...

Hey I did hit the Maui Brewing Company while we were in Maui so if you decide to go there or are in the vicinity, let me know and I'll get you the hook up. :) Great pictures!