Saturday, October 22, 2011

Made it to Rangiroa!

Fortunately, we had good winds pushing us to Rangiroa and had a nice downwind sail. We were rock'n and roll'n for the 1st half the trip, but the 2nd half smoothed out and was very comfortable. Working with Evergreen, we are getting very good at timing our trips to hit the passes at slack tide. The Tiputa pass is definitely one we wouldn't want to enter any other time - it was a crazy washing machine later in the day.

The Rangiroa atoll is huge - the largest atoll in the Tuamotu. We are safely anchored in the lagoon west of the Tiputa pass. The weather is still unsettled - gusty winds and occasional rains, but we are comfortable.

We found a small store (magasin) and bought a few provisions, but now we need to do some major shopping. Unfortunately, the large grocery stores and banks are about 8 miles away in the Avatoru village. We are going to try and hitchhike down there today and hopefully sweet talk the store owners into bringing us back. If not, maybe a taxi ride. Another option is to move our boats down to Avatoru, but we read that the anchorage isn't very good. Oh well, it will all work out.

Besides the provisioning, we hope to do some exploring while we are here. The lagoon of Rangiroa is beautiful and famous for the Blue Lagoon atoll inside the lagoon. Hope we get to see it.

Next, we wait for a weather window to sail us to Hawaii. November 1 ends the official hurricane season in the northern hemisphere. We want to wait for that for sure!

PS: We have internet now, so I will be posting some pictures soon - promise.

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Anonymous said...

You sailors are getting good island hopping like you are playing leapfrog looking forward to the pictures better hurry to the store and stock up while the getting is good Love Mom