Friday, October 7, 2011

Back in the Tuamotu Islands!

We finally left Moorea. We loved it there, but it was time to get moving east.

It was a 2-day sail from Moorea to the Tuamotu atolls/islands. We were fortunate that we were able to sail most of the way, but it was a lumpy, noisy trip because the seas were a little confused and Moondance was rocking around. So, not much sleep!

We are now moored in the Toau atoll in the Anse Amyot pass - between the deep waters of the Pacific and the crystal blue waters of the lagoon - it is beautiful.

There is one family that lives here - Gaston and Valentine. They run a small restaurant, pearl farm, fish traps, and all of the cruisers love them. They have installed mooring balls where we can moor for free as long as we have dinner at their restaurant one night. It is supposed to be an excellent fish dinner. We are looking forward to it, plus learning more about their atoll.

You know you are in a wonderful place when...
-- you motor into a bay and one cruiser leaves early so you can grab their mooring ball
-- another cruiser helps you grab the mooring ball
-- and another cruiser dinghy's over to tell you about the great snorkeling

Plus, we get invited to a trash burning party tonight. Cruisers are great!

We will stay in Toau for awhile and do some exploring, plus the snorkeling and diving are supposed to be excellent.

Hopefully, we will be able to visit a few more atolls before starting our big sail to Hawaii around the 1st of November. Oh my!

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