Sunday, October 16, 2011

Out of everything (almost)!

We have loved our time here in Toau, but it is time to find a grocery store (magasin) - our fridge and food lockers are bare! Our plans are to motor/sail to Fakarava on Monday, if the weather settles.

We have been "boat potatoes" for two days. A series of squalls have been passing through with winds 20 - 25 knots and lots of rain. We are hooked to a mooring ball and are hoping it is a good one. We keep our anchor alarm set just in case...

Before the squalls hit, we were able to do some more exploring. Carol and Dennis (Evergreen) organized a trip out to the "pink sand beach" motu. Along the way, the gang hooka'd around a big coral head with lots of reef fish and coral, plus a lemon shark - oh my. Valentine and Gaston met us at the motu for a picnic (fresh fish of course). It was an 11 mile dinghy ride (round trip) to the motu, but it was beautiful with lots of soft pink sand and zillions of birds!

Again, Gaston and Valentine invited the cruisers to their place for a trash burning/potluck. They know what the cruises like for sure. What an assortment of food - even got to experience salted fish - the Finnish way. All very tasty.

So the good times continue - just need the weather to cooperate. Hopefully, in Fakarava, we will be able to post some pictures so you can experience Toau with us!

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