Monday, July 11, 2011

Moorea adventures!

We loved Baie d'Opunhohu on Moorea! We stayed there several days after all of the Puddle Jump activities were finished and did some exploring.

Sting Rays
Some cruisers had told us about a spot where you were could snorkel with Sting Rays (marked by a couple of buoys).

My first instinct was - NO - you are supposed to avoid those creatures! And what about their dangerous barbs? But, we had to check it out anyway.

Dennis petting the Rays
Even though I was nervous, I was glad we went.

It was pretty amazing - these big rays swimming all around you (and sharks close by!).

Lots of Rays

Someone had brought goodies to feed the rays and they were excited and fluttering all around us.

Me swimming with the rays - yikes!

Everyone said they were soft to touch and if you fed them, they would gently suck on your fingers.

Not for me for sure!

Sunken Tiki

Another snorkel spot (marked by a couple of buoys) was a wonderful place to snorkel with some sunken Tiki's.

We aren't sure who sunk them, but they were fun to snorkel around.  Plus, there was this strange fish swimming along the bottom - wish we knew what it was!

More Tiki's

And the water was so clear - my kind of snorkeling!

Resting after snorkeling

Afterwards, we did some touring around in our dinghies and ended up at the Inter-Continental Hotel for drinks where we were politely told NOT to get into the pool.


Easy part of the hike!

We decided to get some excercise and hike to the Belvedere - which has an excellent view of Opunohu and Cooks Bays. We had a great time and a great workout, but it was worth it.

At the top - pooped!

Most of the Puddle Jumpers left Moorea before we did, so we had a chance to really relax and enjoy the beautiful bay and we loved it.

Hope we get back to Moorea again soon.

Now, we are back in Tahiti working on projects, provisioning, and exploring. Hopefully, we will be heading to Bora Bora and the rest of the Society islands this week. Yeah!


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We can hardly wait to hear you share your adventures in person! All is well here hot dry and ugly worse drought since the early 80s take care love mom

Ana said...

I'm sosssooooo jealous!