Monday, July 18, 2011

Road Trip - Tahiti

Thanks to Carol (Evergreen) for sharing her photos!

Since we are still in Tahiti working on projects, we partnered with the crew of Evergreen and rented a car to do some exploring.

Doug and Carla and the Big Tiki
Tahiti is beautiful - not great beaches, but beautiful anyway!

It is actually 2 islands: Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti, which are connected by the isthmus. We drove almost all around Tahiti Nui, which is only 114k.

Mystery Flowers
The first day, we drove north. Our first stop was visiting a replica of James Norman Hall's house (co-writer of Mutiny of the Bounty). Lots of memorabilia and photos of Tahiti's past.

Lighthouse on Point Venus

Then we stopped at Point Venus, which used to be the site of Cook's observatory. Now, there is a lighthouse on a black sand beach, with several memorials to the Mutiny crew, historical events, and the missionaries.

Doug walking to the waterfall
We visited the Arahoho Blowhole - impressive but my pictures didn't do it justice.

Faarumai Waterfalls
There are actually 3 waterfalls within walking distance, but it was raining and we were soaked so we wimped out and just went to the nearest waterfall. It was a big one - very loud and very wet!


Surfing, boogie boarding, and paddle boarding - all very popular in Tahiti. It was wonderful to watch the show and the sunset.

Resting at the museum

The next day, we drove south. Our first stop, was the Musee de Tahiti et des Iles. We really enjoyed the museum and learned a lot about the Polynesian islands geology and history. We highly recommend it!

Doug and Dennis checking out the Grotto
We had to visit the Grottos (caverns) and wander through the park tucked along the roadside. A great place to cool off, plus explore.

Carol wading thru the Grotto

The Grottos are supposed to go back quite a ways, but we decided just to peek in. Carol at least got her feet wet!

Marae Arahurahu

This marae (traditional temple) was in excellent condition and we could imagine the ceremonies and rituals that were performed here long ago. Very few women were allowed in the temples - not sure why...

Bird of Paradise?
We did some more exploring, but these were the highlights.

If you ever get to Tahiti, be sure to check out the island and all that it has to offer!

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Jeremy said...

That looks absolutely amazing! Are you guys ultra explorers or what? We're thinking that we need to hire you guys to do a Pacific Ocean Exploratory Crusade. I'll let you know when we can afford it in about 80 years. :)