Thursday, July 28, 2011

Huahine finally!

Well, it was a hell of a trip, but we made it and are safely anchored off of the village of Fare on the island of Huahine Nui.

It was only a 90 mile sail from Moorea to Huahine - a short overnighter - no worries mate. But it definitely turned out to be more challenging than expected - especially the last half of the trip:

-- lots of boat traffic (we aren't used to that)
-- winds gusting over 30
-- confused seas and large swells
-- rain, rain, and more rain
-- and a crazy freighter that came way too close (Thanks Carol for the tip)!

We dropped our anchor, had lunch, and went down for a 2-hour nap. We were pooped.

Tomorrow, we will start exploring Huahine, which is supposed to have the best beaches in the country. Can't wait!

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Ana said...

Fun, fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

Send some of that rain our way we are cooking. Hope your nerves aren`t fazzled after that trip glad its over Love Mom