Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendevzous

Sorry that we have been out of touch - we have been busy.

The Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendezvous started on Friday and it has been a whirlwind of activities and socializing. We are pooped!

Relaxing in Moorea - beautiful
We are anchored in Baie d' Opunhohu and as you can tell, it really is beautiful. If it looks familiar, it is because they filmed South Pacific and Mutiny on the Bounty here. I can see why.

The weekend started off with a reception at Papeete's Town Hall, which included a welcome by the Mayor's office and lots of other folks, plus a blessing by a Tahitian Chief.
Enjoying the Mayor's reception
Channel crossing

Saturday, the Puddle Jumpers get going early and traversed the long channel to start the rally - just outside the harbor. The good news: We didn't run out of fuel in the channel this time. Whew!

Start of the Rally

Unfortunately, there wasn't much wind for the rally, so most boats motor/sailed to Moorea. 9 of the boats sailed all the way - very impressive!

Wonderful Polynesian welcome

Once we arrived in Baie d' Opunhohu, we all headed to the beach for the reception, which included amazing music and dancing, plus cocktails. Lots of fun was had by all!

Making lei's
The next day was filled with lots of activities and events. The Polynesiasns spent the day teaching us some of their culture - making lei's, climbing trees, dancing, tying parea's, and much much more.

Canoe races - lots of fun
The six-person outrigger canoe races were definitely the highlight. 2 natives and 4 cruisers racing across the finish line and those canoes go fast! Our team finished 2nd in our heat, but should have been first. We were just getting the hang of it!

Resting after the canoe race

There were 25 teams racing in 6 heats and it was very competitive. The final was between 2 boats - as they crossed the finish line, one canoe tipped over. A very dramatic finish!

Fruit Race - Doug lost
The Fruit Race was very interesting. You picked up your stick with bananas on each end and ran around the grounds. Definitely harder than it looked and Doug was ready for a break.

Cracking coconuts
Carol and I learned how to remove the husk from the coconut, crack it, and shred the coconut meat.

We will definitely be able to apply these skills - coconuts are everywhere and very tasty.

All the boats received a gift for being in the Rendezvous, plus a lei and a kiss. Doug enjoyed every minute of it!

Closing ceremony
More Polynesian music and dancing to end the Rendezvous. We have fallen in love with the sound of the yukelelis and mesmerized by the dances. We just wish we knew their meaning. The War dance - we figured that one out - it is very intense!

Colorful lei's
We have enjoyed being anchored in Moorea and there is plenty to do. Yesterday, we snorkeled with large stingrays and sunken Tiki's - amazing. Today, we will do the Belvedere hike, which is supposed to have a spectacular view of the bays.

We will be here a few more days and then will sail back to Tahiti to work on a couple of boat projects and provision. Then Huahine and Bora Bora - here we come!


Cara said...

Well, you and Doug look disgustingly tan and happy! Ray, Marshall, and I just got back from some time in Montana. We spent the weekend at Yellowstone, which was fabulous. Now it's back to work. Hard to concentrate, though -- Los Alamos is on fire again! The fire started on Sunday, and on Monday they evacuated the town. Depressing.

Hope you continue to have fun -- wish I was there with you! :-)

Pale and stuck in the office,

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful set of pictures like seeing a movie scene. You look wonderful!We got back from Kens on Tuesday had a great time Lisa`s family is so much like our bunch hope we can all get together someday. Great fireworks, food and a fantastic talent show all included in the weeks festivities Take care Love Mom