Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On the move again...

Well, we ended up staying in Tahanea a little longer than we anticipated. A big weather front came rolling in and kept us hunkered down on our boats for a couple of days. Nothing scary, just lots of rain and wind and the water in the lagoon was pretty choppy. Good thing we are getting used to those kind of conditions!

We finally got a weather window this morning and headed West. We sailed about 40 miles and had a pretty good sail. Of course, Doug (sailor boy) had to make it interesting and kept us on our toes changing sail configurations. Gotta go fast, ya know!

Moondance and Evergreen are currently anchored off the island of Faaite. Wish we had time to explore this beautiful island, but we leave at 5am heading to the southern end of Fakarava. The pass into the lagoon of Fakarava is supposed to be a little challenging, so we want to make sure we make slack tide, which is at 8am. Plus, we should have good light so that we can spot the coral heads. Oh my!

Fakarava has lots of amenities, so we will be able to provision, plus do some exploring. It is also famous with the cruisers for the drift dive/snorkel through the pass - it is supposed to be amazing. Doug is excited to try it. Me, well... we shall see!

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Anonymous said...

Bless all aboard Moondance and this once in a life time cruise! It sounds like something from a movie, wish we could be waiting for you on the next island, thanks for the sweet post card and for keeping us so involved with your new way of life we are enjoying every minute of the voyage Love Mom