Saturday, June 4, 2011

Still in Tahanea

And still having a wonderful time!

Tahanea is a great place to be anchored - so much to see and do, surrounded by our friends, and no place to spend money - life is good! There are 6 boats here: 2) American boats; 2) French boats; 1) Italian boat; and 1) 1/2 American 1/2 French, and between them 9 kids. So there is lots of activity and lots of interesting conversations, plus it is a very social group. We have had a birthday party, happy hours, and a BBQ on the beach (s'mores where a big hit).

The last two days we have spent snorkeling. Yesterday, we snorkeled on the big coral heads (bommies) near our boat. Lots of fish - all different shapes and sizes - and the coral was beautiful. Trumpetfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish, a big moral eel (oh my), and one lone shark (which was plenty) and lots more sea life that I can't even name. Hope our pictures turn out.

Today, Doug and Dennis hooked on to the Hooka and drifted through the pass at about 30' while Carol and I rowed the dinghy trying to catch up with them. They both said it was amazing. Dennis popped up once shocked/stunned by the 12' manta ray that was soaring by. They are thinking the girls should try it tomorrow. I am not sure I can muster the courage (pluck, pluck), but you never know.

We haven't done any spearfishing yet, even though we are surrounded by fish. Some of the atolls have fish poisoning (ciguatera), which affects some of the reef fish. Since there aren't any locals in Tahanea to ask, we decided not to take any chances. Of course, the cruisers love catching the spiny lobsters!

None of us are in a hurry to leave this place, plus we aren't sure where we are going next. Guess we need to come up with a plan - one of these days...

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