Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami warnings - Banderas Bay

sv Blue - sailing on Banderas Bay
It was an awful start to the day - just hearing about the death and destruction in Japan caused by the earthquake and the tsunami.  So sad, words just can't express...

But, I didn't realize the affects that this would have on our day, but all sorts of news started coming through the VHF.  The Pacific coast of USA and Mexico were going to be affected and the boating community needed to take action.

In a tsunami, the safest place to be is at sea.  All of the damage that occurs is along the shore due to the surges and currents. 

Here in Banderas Bay, there was LOTS of radio traffic and LOTS of confusion that lasted all day:
  • Ports were closed and all boats in the marina were NOT allowed to leave.
  • Ports were still closed, but pleasure boats were allowed to leave the marinas.
  • The Banderas Bay Regatta was delayed and then canceled.
  • Water levels along the shore and in the marinas were dropping and rising rapidly and randomly.
  • Damage to marinas, bizarre current patterns, sand bars developing, etc.
  • Ports were re-opened; Ports were re-closed
  • Etc.
Okay, you got the picture.  We felt like we had joined the circus!

We decided to play it safe.  Even though we were anchored out in the Bay, we decided to sail out to deeper waters - along with everyone else.  It was an amazing site to see all of the boats sailing around and enjoying the beautiful day.  You would never know that it was all caused by a natural disaster.

Some boats were able to get back to the marinas during the short time the entrances were open.  The rest of them are anchored out in the Bay with us - safe and sound and enjoying a lovely evening.

You never know what the day is going to bring - so be prepared for anything!

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Ana said...

Being prepared helps. I suppose this was a good experience for you both. We know what it is like to be in those types of tides and currents.