Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy, just plain crazy...

Racers that is - fun but crazy!

We spent 3 days with Captain Patsy on Talion preparing and racing in the 19th annual Banderas Bay Regatta.

Talion overtaking Vagabundo

Every year Patsy invites her Portland friends to fly down and race on Talion. We were very lucky and got invited to join them.

I know it wasn't for our racing skills, but we do make great Rail Meat!
Rail Meat

There were ~60 boats racing in 7 classes - all different shapes and sizes.

Our class had 11 participants and they were tough!

Race Day!

We were scheduled to race for 3 days, but the second day was canceled due to the Tsunami alert.

Flying the shoot
It is something to see - all of these boats racing around the marks trying to out maneuver the other guy.

Sometimes, we were so close to other boats I felt like we could reach out and touch them.

We were definitely close enough to holler at each other and quote rules of racing - get out of our way!

Start of the BIG Boats
We know that we could never race Moondance, we would be nervous wrecks.

Just visualizing our home crashing into another boat and sinking to the bottom of the bay - oh my!

I don't know how Patsy does it, but she has nerves of steel and loves to race.

Cirque starting the show
The Regatta is a also a big social event where racers converge. 

You would be amazed how many people we knew from all over - including lots of folks from Alameda - who knew?

We had a wonderful time catching up with everyone!

Kick-off Festivities
The Vallarta Yacht Club sponsors the regatta and opens up the yacht club to the racers. 

They also scheduled some wonderful local entertainment for the kick-off event.  Mariachis and a local dance group performing traditional music and dances from several States of Mexico.

We enjoyed it all!

Did I mention that we placed a respectable 3rd in our class?  Will we did.  Thanks Patsy!

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"My Blessings" said... sounds just plain crazy! I loved the pics! BTW, about the PJ comment on my and Doug have full rights to have "Pajama Days" on Moondance, so go celebrate Dr. Suess' b-day a few weeks late!