Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time to head south - finally!

Bad Bottom
Living in a boat yard definitely has its challenges, but we survived and we are back in the water.

Good Bottom
We completed everything on our project list, plus a few additional and a few that weren't planned.

Prop and Shaft all shiny
The only major issue found was that our prop shaft was corroded and needed replaced.

Better finding that kind of thing out in a boatyard versus in the middle of the South Pacific!

As an additional precaution, we had Bob (Total Yacht Works) survey our boat. He pronounced Moondance sound and "Good to Go" - that's what we wanted to hear!

The Isla
Bob also complimented Doug on the work he had done on Moondance.  Doug was beaming!

Turtle Crossing
We will leave Maz today. We are happy that Evergreen will be buddy boating with us. They have been this route before, which always makes cruising a little easier.

Go Steelers!
Our plans, if the weather is settled, stop at Isla Isabela - the Galapagos of Mexico.  We are excited to see the Boobie Birds, iguanas, and other wildlife.

We hope to visit a few other sites along the way, but our goal is to be in La Cruz for the Pacific Puddle Jump Party on February 4th. Plus, the Superbowl Game!

We are so ready and so excited.  11 years of talking, planning, and working toward our dream of sailing to the South Pacific is finally here!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I hope you have good weather at Isabella - it's awesome!!
Bottom looks beautiful (and you know I see a lot of them working in a boatyard!)...

svHotelCal said...

Your next adventure is beginning. Enjoy it! We are finally going to head south, but we will miss you.