Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun times in Maz

Sunset along the Olas Atlas
I know, we are supposed to be working on Moondance (and we are), but there is lots going on in Maz and we hate to miss it!

Carol and Dennis and the Red Truck
Plus, friends are cruising in daily and we have to show off Maz - something we love to do anyway.

Sunset at Puerto Viejo
Time for a bar crawl!  We hopped in a Red Truck and headed down to the Centro Historico district to watch the sunset.

Puerto Viejo Mariscos-Bar on the Olas Atlas is wonderful place to do that (and enjoy happy hour).  What an amazing sunset shared with some amazing friends!

Hanging with Dot and Brian at Topolo
Then dinner at El Tunel (just off the Plaza Machado) for some excellent Mexican food.  Loved the guacamole and the huge bowls of Posole and the Sopa de Tortilla. Bring your own cervezas!

Next stop, Topolo for wonderful Spanish coffees (with wonderful presentation) and mas bebidas!

Girls taking a break...
Carol and Dot needed a rest before heading to our next watering hole - Ricardo's for $8 peso cervezas served ice cold!

Taxi ride from Gus y Gus
Definitely a dive bar, but they took excellent care of us gringos. 

That was the end of our bar crawl.  A good time was had by all!

Other adventures -

There are several bars and restaurants around the Boat Yard and we have been exploring them with our neighbors on Taya and Evergreen.

Gus y Gus was one stop - beware of the Margaritas! If not, you might have to take their taxi service home. Oh my!

Late night Flamenco
La Tertulia (Bull Bar) advertises Flamenco on Thursday nights after 11pm. That's late for us, but we finally made it.

Unfortunately, it is Flamenco "music" not Flamenco "dancing", but we had a good time anyway. It is definitely a late-night hot spot for the locals!

And, we still have time to enjoy our beautiful view from the Boat Yard!

Our schedule (as of now) - splash back into the water on Wednesday and start heading South on Saturday.

We are ready; Moondance is ready; it is time to get going!


Anonymous said...

I see Doug still order a pitcher for himself while everyone else enjoys a mug or bottle of beer.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Oh my... a whole post on bar hopping. I love it! El Tunel was a fav of ours from our cruising days in 1997-2000, but when we were there in 2008-2009 it was closed for re-modeling... :( Glad you got to enjoy it!