Monday, January 31, 2011

A hell of a day at sea, Sir...

And that it was!

We left Isla Isabela this morning and had all kinds of excitement. Caught a Dorado (beauty, too), but it stole our hook (and dinner) before we got it on board. We did get a picture though - our new catch and release program - hah! We ran into lots of fishing nets along the way including the one that Doug had to jump into the water to release (almost) - but all's good. We saw an amazing whale show with breaching, tail slapping, and other commotion. There were also turtles, dolphins, and lots of birds around to keep us entertained during the crossing.

Now, we are safely tucked into Ensenada de Matanchen with s/v Evergreen - just west of San Blas. Enjoyed a beautiful sunset (and happy hour) with Carol and Dennis. Tomorrow, we will explore San Blas - looking forward to seeing the old Spanish town.

Yesterday, we spent the day anchored at Isla Isabela and had an excellent time exploring the island - it was just amazing. Isla Isabela is a national park that is full of magnificent frigate birds, iguanas, and green, brown, and blue-footed boobie birds. The blue-footed boobies were just beautiful and our favorites for sure. All of the birds were nesting, so we were able to see them from eggs to fuzzy white hatchlings - adorable.

We are having a wonderful time (and adventure). Pictures to follow once we hit civilization again!

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Anonymous said...

You'll all enjoy the jungle boat ride.

p.s. 'Caught' a dorado or 'hooked' a dorado?

Ana said...

I think I know who "anyonymous" is!
There will be more fish to eat, that's for sure! Enjoy the estuary in San Blas, it's beautiful. That is if it hasn't changed in twenty-something years!

BS2 said...

I talked to Popeye (Brian) yesterday and we are bringing his triple tether down when we return next week. B&B

Jaye said...

Enjoy San Blas.

I feel your pain wrt the dorado - I much prefer catch, kill, clean and eat to catch and release, myself.