Friday, January 14, 2011

Land Lubbers

Moondance on the Hard
Well, kind of!

We are still living aboard Moondance, but we are in the boat yard getting lots of work done. 

E-Ticket Ride
In cruising lingo - we are living on the "hard" at the Singlar Marina in Maz.

Just imagine... a 32,000+ lb sailboat backing into a small chute, having a sling placed around the hull, slowly lifted out of the water, and rolled across the yard.

Ride in the Travel Lift
That's what happened and Singlar did an excellent job of making it safe and stress free.

It is a very strange sensation riding on Moondance as it was lifted out of the water.  Kind of like an E-Ticket ride at Disneyland, but much more expensive!

Sunset from Singlar Marina
We love the Singlar Marina - small, quiet, clean, lots of hot water for the showers, and we are surrounded by other cruisers.  Plus, we have a beautiful view. Ah - just what we were looking for.

We have a big list of projects to finish up before we head south, but have complete faith that Bob, Rafa, and the crew of Total Yacht Works will take excellent care of us.

Doug relaxing...
Our project list:
  • having the bottom scraped and painted
  • replacing the shaft and rebuilding the cutlass bearing
  • removing our forward fuel tank (too heavy in the bow)
  • replacing a thru-hull
  • and lots of other exciting stuff that Doug is working on

The good news, as soon as we are back in the water, we start sailing South.  Yippee!  We are soooo ready to start the next phase of our adventure!


Jaye said...

You guys are made of sterner stuff than we are - Art managed one night on the boat on the hard during our long haulout in Bellingham, and I'm afraid of ladders.

Hope the works goes quickly and isn't toooo expensive.

Anonymous said...

You guys deserve to get going! Enjoy chutes and ladders! Ana

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yep. I thought so. He would even smile while in the yard!

Crit said...

well, It is getting very close now! I am so happy you are going over there! I am leaving for Maz Mon. on a friends boat maybe I will see you there. Crit

Anonymous said...

Take your time in the yard cause Neil and I (S/V Gypsy) are in your slip and loving the view :) We'll stop by to give you some encouragement though.

Jeremy said...

Looks beautiful down there! We had our first sun in about eight days and I had to wear sunblock. Looking forward to more posts about your travels this year. BOOYAH!