Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Road Trip Part II - Cosala

Next stop - Cosala.

Cosala was named a "Pueblo Mágico" for its natural beauty, cultural riches, and history - it truly was beautiful! It is about 110 miles North of Maz, but takes about 3 hours to drive it. Maybe a little longer because of some major road construction.

There is actually two paths to Cosala, but one is considered very dangerous - good thing we didn't pick that one!

We stayed in Cosala two nights and did some sightseeing. We even hired a guide, Albert, who took us to through the Museum of Minerology, the macaw sancturary/reserve, around the Royal Mines of Cosala (still active), and a general tour of town. Lots of birds and everything is so green (lots of rain and beetles) We really enjoyed exploring!

Again, not a tourist town, but still found lots to do and lots to eat. My favorite Suizo Enchiladas at Dona Tichi - they were amazing, plus served in her beautiful home - Saturdays and Sunday only.

Just like the States, Saturday night is for seeing and being seen. The young folks drive around town while the older folks sit around the plaza - good people watching!

They are installing a new Zip Line at the reserve (triangle) - it was interesting watching it being built. This guy had to pull himself back - he was exhausted.

We are going to have to return to Cosala - Doug really wants to try the Zip Line - not me!

PS: While exploring the non-existent Valo Honda waterall, we found a cow (Bessie) in the swimming pool. Hope the locals were able to save her!


Sarah and Darrell said...

Your photographs are so enticing!

Anonymous said...

you should visited the caves, ther you can see quartz, and other minerals, and also swim inside... thanks to visit mexico = )