Thursday, July 15, 2010

Road Trip Part I - El Quelite

We decided to take a break from our boat projects (and the heat in Maz) and head North for a few days - why not?

So, we rented a car and hit the road. Our first stop - El Quelite - a pueblito. It is just 20 miles out of town, but took about an hour to get there. Worth it though!

El Quelite is a beautiful small town known for cockfighting (still legal), raising fighting roosters, and a prehistoric game called “The Ulama”. We didn't witness any of those, but enjoyed strolling the colorful cobblestone streets!

We didn't do a lot of research or planning (big surprise), but figured it would all just work out.
  • Who knew that there were no hotels?
  • Who knew the 2 restaurants stopped serving at 5pm?
  • Who knew there wasn't any nightlife?
  • Who knew there was another name for El Quelite - Tranquil!
But, it all worked out just fine.

A very nice lady, Marta, rented us a beautiful room at her Casa - Familia Osuna Aramburo. Very quiet except for the roosters crowing in the morning. Did we mention that Mexican beds are hard? You kind of get used to them!

We did find a bakery and we stocked up on fresh breads and sweets. Another local treat is Queso Fresco (fresh cheese) that El Quelite is known for, so we added that to our dinner menu.

Just when we were heading back to the Casa for dinner, we discovered that there is a lady (by the square) who opens up at night and serves enchiladas, tacos, etc. right out of her house - and it was all very yummy. Just remember to bring your own cervezas!

We will have to go back to El Quelite to eat at the famous restaurant - Mesón de los Laureanos. Doug really wants to try the specialty - cow tongue - YUCK!


Anonymous said...

You 2 could fall in fresh cow poop and land face up 99 times out of 100.

AND never spill a drop from your cocktail.

Jeremy said...

Hey guys, thanks for keeping us up to date with all your exploits. I love hearing about the adventures. TRUE adventures! Throw back some good tequila or cervezas for us when you get the chance.

"My Blessings" said...

So, tell did you come across Marta?