Monday, July 26, 2010

Maz transportation...

Another reason we love Maz - the transportation. Since we don't have a car and Maz is a big city, we have been exploring all of the different ways to get around town. Check them out when you come to visit!

Pulmonias: $80 pesos ($6.50 US), but negotiable - Maz is famous for its Pulmonias, which were invented here and unique to Maz. They look like a souped-up golf cart and range from flashy to simple. They are definitely the most popular way to travel around town. If you catch a good one, they will even blast the music for you. My favorite - "Pretty Woman" - of course!

Fancy Buses: $9 pesos ($.72 US) - This is our favorite transportation - cheap, great A/C, and a wonderful place to take a nap. Plus, the drivers will wake you up so that you don't miss your stop - El Cid! Unfortunately, they don't go everywhere we want to go and there isn't as many of them...

The Water Taxi: Free - This is an Marina El Cid luxury. It is a short trip from the docks, to the beach club, to the Marina office, but we enjoy it. It is great for hauling our laundry, hitting the showers, and buying my Coca Lites in the morning. Just leave a tip for Gilberto.

Arregas (Red Trucks): $50 pesos ($4 US) - Now these are just a fun way to travel around town and very popular. A/C is supplied (while you are moving), plus it holds lots of people. Seat belts aren't provided so hang on!

Green/Red Buses: $6 pesos ($.48 US) - These buses are a very cheap ride, but NO A/C! We actually ride these more than you would think - they go where we want to go. Just be sure to hop on one of the fast buses, grab a window seat, and bring a bottle of water to replenish.

Taxis: About $60 pesos ($5 US) - The taxis will take you anywhere you want to go, plus wait for you. We don't use them often, but love them on grocery shopping days and for dragging boat parts around. Just be sure to negotiate the price before hopping in.

And walking - lots of walking - which we both enjoy. Plus, it is a wonderful way to melt off our love handles and do some sightseeing along the way. A comment from some of the locals: "You walk a lot!" - so true!


lindap said...

Carla, love hearing about Maz. How hot is it? We're thinking next summer. It's actually cold here in Ensenada.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

So is it just Doug that gets to go for rides, or does Carla get to go too?