Thursday, July 8, 2010

The belly rules the mind...

Well, that's an old Spanish Proverb and certainly true for the Moondance crew!

Since we are now "residents" of Mazatlan (at least through November), we decided to try as many different places as possible and we ask everyone to share their favorites. We don't want to miss a one!

Below is a list of our current hot spots - in no particular order!

El Guamuchilito - two locations on Avenue Insurgentes. Fried Pargo - I selected mine from the crate that was just delivered. It was excellent!

La Tertulia - or as we call it - The Bull Bar. It is just off the Plaza Machado on Dominguez and a great place for drinks and people watching. In is owned by one of MazatlÄn's most famous bullfighters, Rene Tirado.

Pizza Moreno - just a block away from the Plaza Machado and the best pizza we have had in Mexico, inexpensive wine, plus an excellent Caesar salad. We are going back for sure!

Topolo - still our favorite for a nice dinner - what a treat! We love everything about it, but especially the table-side salsa. Alejandro and crew will take excellent care of you.

El MontaLayo (corner of Colima and La Marina. The best lamb (borrego) tacos ever - barbecued and served with all of the fixings, plus chips to die for - really. No bar, but the staff will go next door to buy cerveza's if you ask. As you can tell, Doug's loving it!

Puerto Viejo (Old Port) is on the Olas Altas and an excellent place to watch the sunset. Ice cold beer on tap, fresh shrimp, and a very nice staff. Watch out for the Cameron Aguachile though, it is HOT HOT HOT!

Plus, a No-Name Taco stand at the Sunday Juarez Market. Doug loves the carne gorditas.

That's a pretty good list so far and we have only been in Maz for a month.

We will keep exploring and let you know what we find!

PS: Do you have your own list of Maz favorites? If so, let us know and we will check them out!


Sarah and Darrell said...

I am LOVING Matzalan from 1,000 miles away. Your photography is really lovely - would make a great book!

Ness, Eric and Gavin said...

Funny, I never thought about the rotating crowd through the resort and the constant celebrations. Never a dull moment eh? Maybe you guys could pull a part-time shift as Resort Planners. HA!

Jeremy said...

That does it... I don't care if it kills me we're going to Mexico again. That food and those pictures are $$$ and I'm HUNGRY! Great list of eateries. I'm saving it and will act upon it some day for sure. I'm with Doug and love Taco Wagons/Stands. Bebe mas cervezas para mi!

Anonymous said...

When will you two ever learn to relax and have fun?

"My Blessings" said...

As your list continues, I hope to see more pics of the food dishes, like El Guamuchilito! Don't stop having fun!

Doug and Linda Simms said...

There is a great ceviche cart on the street just down from where the fisherman's wife statue is, quite a ways down right near a veterinary. The guys name is Bayo. We also went to El Quelite a town North of Mazatlan. They are known for their Sunday brunch. Try the Octopus "pulpo" almost anyplace, yummy