Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wild Things!

We have really enjoyed the wildlife here at the marina - there is always something splashing around. The pelícanos don't seem to be afraid of us and are great at supervising Doug - he needs it!

Our favorite thing is relaxing in the cockpit and watching the pelícanos dive for fish. They will dive right next to the boat and splash us - how cool is that. Check out the video - you can ignore my commentary!
Besides the pelícanos, there are magnificent frigates, puffers, night herons, seagulls and a lot of birds we don't recognize!

This is the most amazing bird so far, but we aren't sure what it is. It looks like a baby blue heron, but that is just a guess.

The amazing part is that it is the only potty-trained bird we have seen. It wades around the water hunting for fish. When it has to relieve itself, it walks up to the beach and squats. How funny is that? Of course, we are easily entertained. Lucky for you we didn't catch his act on video!

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