Saturday, January 10, 2009

Asi Asi (so so)!

That's what Doug said to the gentleman that showed up at 9:30 this morning to work asking "Cómo está usted". Of course, that's what happens when you stay up till the wee hours of the morning (3:30) playing 42 with Glenn and Brian (Brian and Doug cheated)! I have this great picture in my head of Glenn and Brian disappearing down the fairway in Rainshadow's dingy - cute couple!

Supporting the local economy --- We have been very impressed with the workmanship of the locals. Prompt, efficient, excellent craftsmanship, trustworthy - all of those things and more!
Mercedes Casillas is a wonderful carpenter that built a mounting block for our windlass, fixed the trim around our new Corian counters, and repaired our nav table. It was interesting to see how Doug and Mercedes worked through their communication issues - no problemo. Mercedes also tried to improve my Spanish - not much luck there! If you need wood work, call Mercedes: 612 16 1 4814.

My job was to remove the old varnish on the teak, but I could never do it as quickly or as well as these guys did. I was grateful they came by looking for work. Apparently, the economy in the states is trickling down to Mexico. Work is slowing down. How sad for all.

We have also had our bottoms cleaned, hull washed, plus other fun stuff. Doug has been sure to spread his pesos around the chandleries too - all 5 of them. La Paz has been a great place to work on our boat projects!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had your "bottoms" cleaned! Eric