Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quien supo? (Who knew?)

Who knew that time could fly by so quickly. We have been in La Paz two months all ready! It was worth it though. Doug finished so many projects like installing... XM radio (very important), Single Side Band radio (long range communications - including email), inverter (converts AC to DC), electric windlass (relief for anchor boy), and lots more. Plus, we have had lots of fun and met some wonderful people!

Tomorrow we are sailing off to the islands of Espirutu Santo and Isla Partida. We will be traveling for about three weeks and hope to get as far as Isla San Jose. It is only about 30 miles, but we want to spend some time exploring the beautiful islands, do some snorkeling, fishing, and generally goofing off!
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As you can see we are provisioning! We don't think there will be any civilization on the islands, so we are stocking up on food, drinks, and anything else we can stuff into the cabin.

We are scheduled to be in Mazatlan by February 16 - just in time Carnival. It is supposed to be the 3rd largest carnival in the world - right behind Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. Should be a hoot!

Next time you hear from us, we should be blogging from mainland Mexico!


Anonymous said...

You will be missed!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm, not sure you have enough beer there!

the Morrisons said...

oh so jealous.....can you remember the whole fridge ordeal...we are there now. dennis is putting in the fberglass as we speak...I think rparts will be sending us a christmas card this year - at minimum a thankyou for our fiscal support...