Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Isla San Francisco

We had a rough 20 mile ride from El Mezteno to Isla San Francisco. A Norther came in earlier than expected and created chaos in the Sea. Also, our alternator picked a bad time to have a meltdown - good thing that Doug is an expert at changing the belts!

We made it safely to Isla San Francisco after ~6 hours. We did enjoy watching the whales and the Manta Rays playing as we bumped along. As you can see, it was worth the trip!

We actually stayed longer than expected. We were waiting for some boat buddies to join us, plus hiding out from a Norther. We were happy to see Glenn and Mal from Vindsang show up and had them over for dinner and 42 - way too much fun! We also spent a lot of time with the Dot and Brian from Rainshadow - check out the Superbowl post.

We loved exploring the rocks and beaches around the island - lots of beautiful shells and a heck of a view. Still no luck fishing, but had fun trying. Yup, that is Doug posing by a Cardon cactus - not a Saguaro.

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