Friday, October 10, 2008

We are still here!

But, we are blaming this delay on the weather - hah! Outside the gate, the winds are howling and the waves are rolling. We are using our extra time to finish up our projects. Doug is definitely getting his exercise!

Passage Weather is a pretty cool weather site. Ito uses colors to identify wind, waves, visibility, etc. Also, the flags point the direction of the wind and each line on the flag is 10 knots of wind. Glad we are safe and tucked into our slip!

If the weather forecast holds, we are leaving Tuesday for sure!


Anonymous said...

O,my! Everything happens for a reason. Guess the weather is the delay ya'll needed to take care of a few things. I am still trying to get my home organizing business started. It should have been a fairly easy start up, but nooo...I am alot like Tine...I never do anything nice & easy...hahaha. This is my very first time to "blog". What a nice way to stay in touch with you two. Miss you guys, love the boat, & look forward to seeing the finished project(s). Okay so I am fixing to press the publish button, & pray this doesn't end up in tim-buck-2.....

jonnie said...

FYI: anonymous is Joni Bell See what I'm talking about "nice&easy" is just not what I do