Saturday, October 18, 2008

Plan B...

Well, we made it out of the Santa Cruz harbor, but had to come right back! Our alternator belt shredded. We tied back up and Doug was able to replace it quickly (good thing we have spares)! But, we are still having a small issue with charging our systems. Doug has narrowed it down to loose wire - nothing major - we will just keep an eye on it.

So, we rafted up to another boat and spent the night. Doug thought we needed some cheering up, so we watched "Captain Ron". Always good for a laugh!

We are heading out today (for sure) for Catalina at 3pm. Doug is out riding his bike around Santa Cruz right now hunting for some spare parts. Very cute!

We will post again once we are connected in Catalina - probably Tuesday.

We are doing just fine, just miss everyone! Call our cell phones if you need to track us down.

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Behan said...

Sorry we couldn't get you for "pizza night," Chez Totem, in Monterey! We left Saturday for San Simeon...and ended up in Santa Barbara. It just felt like good timing. We trust you're on your way soon, see you in MX! ~B.