Thursday, October 23, 2008

Land Ahoy!

We left Oxnard at ~4am on Wednesday - way too early! Did I ever tell you what one of my worst fears is? Fog - that's it - don't like it a bit. Unfortunately, leaving Oxnard, we went through 4 hours of very thick fog. Good thing that the shipping traffic was light and that our instrumentation worked.

After the fog cleared, it turned out to be a very beautiful day. We motored to Catalina Island working on projects and doing some fishing (no luck) along on the way.

We arrived at Avalon Harbor around 4pm and were starting the check in procedures when we were pleasantly surprise to receive a call from "Pau Hana" our boat buddies from Alameda (Ben and Crit). They helped us get settled in, poured great drinks, and served a wonderful dinner. How fun!

We slept like rocks. This is our first time to be anchored at sea. We didn't worry about projects or timelines - just resting - yeah! We spent a fun day of working on the boat and touring Avalon. Well, our touring consisted mostly of bar hopping, pool, and foos ball, but we call that touring. So nice to have friends like Ben and Crit to hang with and help us with our boat projects! They might even have solved our alternator project - hope so!

We are leaving at 3am tomorrow morning for San Diego. That's okay. We are finally starting to enjoy this relaxing/retirement thing, appreciate the scenery, and make time for fun things. We will sleep along the way and have the weekend to goof off and party. Monday - Baha Haha from San Diego to Cabo!

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Love to follow your adventures! Keep posting.