Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Left our hearts in San Francisco?

Well. No, but we left behind some life long friends that we are really going to miss! This wonderful group spent their free time helping us get Moondance ready to sail (safely), plus made sure that we had nourishment to live (lots of good food and drink). Trust me, there were some real adventures and tough hurdles, but with the help of the Gate 11'ers, we made it!

We left Alameda today with a wonderful send off - brought tears to my eyes. We have been so focused on getting projects completed, I didn't realize until today how much I am going to miss them all. The good news - we will always be connected and hope to see them in distant lands sometime in the future.

We are in Half Moon Bay tonight (Pillar Point). We sailed the long way around. We had a beautiful trip underneath the Golden Gate Bridge (popped our Champagne as we passed) that turned into a perfect sail (until the very end). Couldn't ask for much more for the first day in our new adventure. Judy and Michael sailed beside us through the bridge to photograph the big event - what wonderful friends!

Tomorrow - if the weather holds - Santa Cruz.

We will post pictures of our departure soon - promise! We are so excited that our Next Life finally has begun!

PS: If you are ever in Half Moon Bay, you have to try out the Harbor Bar (dive local bar). Great seafood, plus order the "Grace Margarita". No sweet and sour and one will do you just fine - trust me.

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ness_eric said...

We are happy as pigs in poop that your new dream has begun! Hugs and Kisses, The Collins Clan in New Mexico.