Monday, November 30, 2015

Moondance is for Sale!

Finally!  I know we have been talking about it for awhile, but now it is Real.

Please pass our listing (see link below) on to all of your friends and family - a great boat in a beautiful location!

For our next adventure, we would like to buy a trawler in Mexico and travel around the Sea of Cortez and the Mainland Mexico. Trading a sailboat for a trawler just makes sense. More comfort and space, plus the wind never cooperates in Mexico. Of course, this will make us "Trawler Trash", but we are OK with that.

Plus, we want to do some canal boat trips in Europe - why not?

This move will bring us much closer to our Family and Friends (yeah!), plus we have missed Mexico. 

Until Moondance sells, we will continue to enjoy beautiful Fiji!

For all of the details: YachtHub Listing


Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

Well I hope you name that trawler Moondance as well. Love your adventures aboard Moondance!

Anonymous said...

She`s a beauty someone will love her just like you guys do

Mel said...

"Trawler trash….." LOL, I've never heard that before! Very funny. I love trawlers. I've been wanting one ever since Ed & Karen got theirs. Your new plan sounds awesome, and I can't wait to hear more about it. Jon and I are out of here on the 17th. Very excited, but not looking forward to the cold. Love you guys!