Friday, November 27, 2015

Futuna Run Done!

And we are very happy about that.
Good Morning, Sunshine!

The Fiji Government requires that all foreign vessels have to leave Fiji waters every 18 months - it was our turn.

So, most of the Yachties sail to the nearest foreign country - the small French island of Futuna north of Fiji.
Rainbow along the way

Futuna is only 250 miles away, but it takes 4 nights for us to make the round trip.

Some of it we are navigating through the Fiji reef systems; some of it in open waters.

Our journey

We (Doug) spent weeks and weeks analyzing the weather to ensure we had a good/comfortable trip. Which we did!

We ran into some really heavy rain, had to fight some currents, ran into a 3-hour squall, plus a couple of days of sunshine and great sailing.

Overall, it was a good trip, but we were pretty pooped when we got back to Savusavu. 

Wish we could have spent more time in Futuna, but the anchorage is too rolly.  The people are sure nice and accommodating tho - even on their day off.
Futuna Harbor
And, the best news,  we don't have to repeat the Futuna Run again until May, 2017.  Yahoo!

Now, we are getting Moondance back in shape, working on projects, and lots of relaxing.

Plus, planning our Turkey Day Potluck with the Yachties, of course.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by all of your favorite people and food!

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Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you from us in Greece (for a few weeks longer anyway)