Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quick Trip Back to Denarau

Welllll, we had to make a trip back to Port Denarau Marina - good thing we like it here.

Daily Boat Parade at Denarau
I (Doug) haven't been feeling well since we left. Fever, sore throat, and can't talk (Carla likes that part).

I found a clinic in Nadi above the MH that diagnosed a upper respiratory infection ($20 USD).

Good stuff!

Drugs prescribed and feeling better (of course).

More boats are now moving around. Four of us came in from Musket cove, and there was only one mooring left at the end of the day. Lucky we got here early.  The docks are also fuller than they have been.

Another beauty!
While we are here, we are taking care of the usual things, laundry and provisioning (mostly beer and Coke Zero).

Plus, eating breakfast at Cardo's - bacon egg cheese roll. It costs $2.40 USD, yummy and a great deal.

We hope to leave on Friday and plan to head straight to Naviti to swim with the Manta Rays while they feed and to meet up with our friends on Interlude.  Wish us luck!

We just got word that our great friends, Kathy and Deb, will be joining us in July. We are sooo excited!


Ana said...

Wow, so glad Doug is feeling better. Have fun, stay healthy and enjoy Kathy and deb! I'm sure you will all have a blast! Miss you big.

Michael Stouffer said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. We're back in La Paz and it's Judy who has the crud. It may be time to drag her to the local clinic.

We are still keen to join you there one day and a swim with Mantas would be a real highlight. Unless it's trumped by that Fijian rum.

Bit what's up with leaving on Friday? Are you trying to increase your risk exposure?

Melanie said...

Love all the pictures, Carla! Your friends look nice and fun. Poor Doog, hope you are feeling better! The picture with the beer tower looks just like one of my R&R pics at Longboards....except people I don't know (other than Doog). LOL. Have fun! We miss you. :)
Mel & Jon