Friday, May 16, 2014

Musket Cove - a wonderful place!

We finally made it to the Mamanuca Islands - at least one of them.  We left Port Denarua and motored about 12 miles to Musket Cove, which is on the island Malolo Lailai. 

Snorkelers on the sand bar - only available at low tide
These islands are so different from the big islands of Fiji.

Beautiful sandy beaches and clear waters and most of the tourists go away at dusk - except us of course.

Of course, there are lots of reefs, so you have to travel slow and watch where you are going.
Checking out Musket Cove Marina

We have heard so much about Musket Cove - it is definitely a cruisers favorite.   Now we know why!
Hanging at the Musket Cove Yacht Club

We grabbed a mooring ball and checked into the marina.

Plus signed up for the Musket Cove Yacht Club membership and went to join our friends at the Club.

Watching the seaplane land
So nice to be surrounded by friends where ever we go.

Moon over Malolo
Always happy to show you around and share their local knowledge - like use the mooring balls with caution - yikes! 

There are 3 resorts at Malolo Lailai, plus a well-stocked grocery store, laundry and shower facilities.

And lots of touristy things going on. We enjoyed watching it all - very entertaining.
Gang of Interlude going snorkeling

We had planned on staying at Musket Cove and doing all the fun stuff, but weather changed our mind.
Mystery flower?

A big wet and windy storm was heading our way, so we decided to duck back into Port Denarau Marina.

Good choice.
View from Musket Cove Marina

So we are working on projects, shopping, and a little goofing off, plus trying to stay dry.

We plan on heading back to the islands next week for some more fun.  Our goal, make it all the way to the end of Yasawa islands - yeah!


Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

Oh you two! You bring out the wanderlust with these tales. Beautiful sounding places you are showing us.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoying your colorful blog! Take care
The gang on s/v Calou