Monday, May 12, 2014

Port Denarau Island

Well, we finally left Vuda Point Marina. Of course, we didn't go very far. Only 5 miles to Port Denarau Marina where we were hooked to a mooring ball.  Love having the breeze and gentle waves rocking us to sleep again!
The gang hanging out at Cardo's - yes that is a beer tower!
After being at Vuda Point for over 6 months, it was a big event to get Moondance ready to go sailing.  We are happy to report, all systems seem to be working just fine.  Yeah!

Port Denarau is so different than Vuda Point. This is the touristy town of Fiji - a small version of Cabo San Lucas.
Parasailing over the island
But, we are enjoying ourselves. There are lots of places to dine, shopping, yacht stores, etc...

Hard Rock - not!
Even a Hard Rock Cafe - too funny.  We sit in our cockpit listening to the bands playing.

No hard rock here - just mellow songs off the current hit list.

Dinghy provisioning
This is easy place to provision.

Just hop the Westbus to Queens Hwy and transfer to a Namaka or Nadi bus.

Don't forget the Kava - of course.  Gonna to need that when you visit the outer islands.
Moondance - the little boat

All kinds of stores, plus the fresh fruit and veggie market.

We spent 3 days in Port Denarau and had a great time, plus got some projects done.

But, it is time to move on - lots of Fiji to see.

Beautiful dancing girls
So, today we had a wonderful trip (motor that is) over to Musket Cove - a cruisers favorite.

Of course, you have to be careful not to run into any of the reefs.  There are lots of those!

I have some great pictures to share of our first day - you are going to love them.

Keep checking back!

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