Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Road trip to Todos Santos!

Doug drove Ana and I over to Todos Santos for a shopping play day - we had a wonderful time!
Beautiful Ana

Todos Santos is a funky little town on the Pacific side of the Baja - only about 50 miles away.
Wall Art!

Lots of art galleries, curio shops, and great bars and restaurants - of course.

And close by are the best beaches and big waves - very popular with the surfing crowd.

Cerveza por favor!

We spent the day wandering the streets, trying on clothes, consuming beverages, and enjoying colorful Mexico.
Beautiful old buildings

Our best finds were not on the main street.  So, be sure to check out all of the back roads.

We also found some affordable hotels - just in case you want a weekend getaway!
Dinner at La Costa

We finished up back in La Paz at one of our favorite restaurants (with the best margaritas) - La Costa.

Lots of great memories have been made and shared at this place.  More to come...

Ana - Tamale Shopper
A great day was had by all.  Wish you could have joined us!

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