Friday, January 31, 2014

Enjoying the Southwest - again!

We have been back in the States one week and have covered some ground!

       Joshua Tree (and Doug)
After spending two weeks in Mexico, we have been traveling fast on the highways - zoom zoom.

Much easier when you don't have to dodge potholes!

Our first stop was Tuscon.  Good place to relax and enjoy the USA and watch some UofA basketball with the locals.

With Alameda boat buddies Kim and Kevin 

Then on to Scottsdale.  Kim and Kevin, our fabulous marina neighbors in Alameda, let us crash at their beautiful home.

We had such a great time catching up with them.

They are so easy and fun to be with - just like old times.

Me and Vijay

Plus, we got to stroll around the Phoenix Open on practice day.

Kevin convinced me to grab Vijay Singh for a photo op.  He is from Fiji too.

He was very nice. Hope he does well in the Open!

ABQ friends - Bill and Rise

Then a short hop to Anthem to see Bill and Rise.

We have known these wonderful people since the softball days at Sandia (Go Gunrunners!)

We enjoyed a yummy steak dinner and great conversation.

They have figured out retirement. Summer at their cabin in Chama; winter in Arizona enjoying the weather and all those sports teams.

We will be back to visit for sure!

Cousins Dick and Elaine and their Shelby!

Cousins Dick and Elaine live in Sandy Valley, Nevada. It is a great small town where almost everyone owns a plane or two.

It was fun to catch up on all the family stories, plus hear about Dick's adventures flying down to Mexico.  And lots of great food - yum

Plus, meeting more of Doug's family - Marian, Brian, and Chris. Always special. Wish we could have spent more time...

Hoover Dam
On the way to Albuquerque, we had to stop and check out Hoover Dam.

 We haven't been there since they finished the new bridge.

It is an impressive piece of engineering and sure speeds up the trip, but not as cool as driving over the dam.

 Scary to see the water so low...
Sunset in Anthem

We are in Flagstaff tonight and it is cold and SNOWING - yikes.

Hope we can make it to Albuquerque tomorrow.

 We have friends to see and a Big Game to watch!

Looking forward to seeing everyone and eating lots of New Mexican food!

Doug and Kevin enjoying the day

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Jackie and Joel Smith said...

You are covering some ground there! We are watching it rain -- again -- as another front passes through. They've said it was 'unusual for this time of year' in two weeks we've had maybe four really warm sunny days. Guess that's the tropics for you!