Friday, October 25, 2013

Nananu-I-Ra to Vatia Wharf (Viti Levu)

Well, we were supposed to stay put for a day or two and do some exploring, but the weather is supposed to be really wet for the next couple of days. So, we decided to get moving. But, we did have a nice treat from shore last night - fireworks. We always like a fireworks show!

It was ~30 miles to our next spot. So, we spent the day motoring through the channel surrounded by reef on one side and the mainland on the other. It was so calm and flat - I left dishes on the counter. Not our normal cruising day.

We are definitely on the dry side of the island. The terrain makes us think we are sailing on the Columbia River in the Northwest - well except that we are in shorts and there is a big reef around us!

Good thing our waypoints and charting software are good, because our visibility wasn't great - it was overcast and spitting at us all day. But, we did just fine.

Moondance is now anchored off the Vatia Wharf - all by ourselves. So far, there doesn't seem to be a lot of anchorages on the NW coast of Viti Levu. Of course, if it was sunny, we would probably find lots of them. Next year!

A fishing boat came by earlier and offered us fish (we think). But, it didn't look like they had much of a catch (based on their sign language).

We aren't sure how long we will be here - depends on the weather (of course). But, our current plans are to be at the Vuda Point Marina on Monday. Last stop for ol' Moondance and crew this season!

PS: Doug is cooking up a batch of Spaghetti Carbonara. It smells wonderful!

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