Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bula/Hello from Fiji!

Sorry, we are so late checking in. We have been catching up on sleep and enjoying beautiful Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu - the 2nd largest island of Fiji.

We arrived in Savusavu Monday (Sunday USA time) around noon - just as Captain Doug had projected (got lucky!). Even with all the great waypoints that Carol shared, it was still a little nerve racking going through the channels at night surrounded by big islands and reefs and distracted by the lights on shore. Plus, there was a green glowey thing (fishing boat) that it took us awhile to figure out. When you are tired, it makes even the little things a bit of a challenge.

We are tied to a Copra Shed Marina mooring ball in Nakama Creek along with about 50 other boats - more boats coming all the time. But, it isn't crowed. Dolly and her team from the marina make sure everyone has a spot and are all well taken care of. We all ready know some of the cruisers and have spent the last 2 days meeting even more of them. The cruisers are so easy to get to know, plus so wonderful about sharing their adventures and recommendations. Love it! Several of the cruisers will be in Vuda Point Marina with us for the cyclone season, so we will have good neighbors.

No surprise that our friends call Savusavu "Cruisers Heaven". It is a small, friendly town that has everything within walking distance, plus everyone we have met has been so very nice and helpful. And, Fiji is very affordable. A round of Fiji Bitter beer at the Yacht Club costs $7.40FJ (about $2US a beer), plus restaurants serve inexpensive and good food. Looking forward to doing some more exploring and socializing.

We were so excited to run into our friends Michael and Cheryl from Hawaii yesterday. We turned the corner and there they were. It was so unexpected and natural all at the same time. They look marvelous and we are looking forward to having dinner with them tonight. Fijian night at the Waitui Marina. How fun!


PS: I promise to post some pictures soon...

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