Friday, October 11, 2013

Celebrating Fiji Day!

Fiji Day is a celebration of their independence from Britain in 1970. 

Doug being marched onto the field
One of the churches set up stands along the waterpark and spent the day competing in all kinds of fun games.

Doug and his Yellow Teammates
We could hear the music from our boat, so decided we had to check it out. 

So happy that we did.

There were 4 teams competing and visitors were invited to select a team and join the competitions. 

FD-BunEatingContest (1280x1280)
The Bun Race
Doug decided to join the Yellow Team (Steeler colors).   He had a great time – just glad he brought his black and yellow umbrella!

FD-PassTheBall (1280x892)
Ball passing - too funny
Doug was selected to compete in the “Bun Race”. 

What a hoot.  Trying to eat a bun on a string that was constantly moving.  He got 2nd place – pretty good!

I was selected for the water balloon toss, but I am not sharing those photos – hah!

FD-CoconutHuskers (1280x562)
Coconut Husking
There were all kinds of competitions:  coconut husking/grating, sack races, basket weaving, water balloon tossing, egg carrying race, plus lots of singing and dancing and so much laughter.

The Yellow Team invited us to share their lunch – it was amazing and so much food!

FD-MyFavoriteDancer (564x1280)
My favorite dancer
As guests, we were served first.  A big plate filled with taro, rice, chicken curry, grilled pork, and palusami's (onions, coconut milk, wrapped in taro leaves and baked).  We were stuffed!

FD-GreenTeamDancing (1280x724)
Dancing and singing - beautiful

We aren’t sure which team won the competitions, but know that everyone had a great time, plus raised money for their church.

A very fun day.  Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

FD-Committee (1280x960)
The Committee
FD-CoolingOff (1280x960)
Cooling off
FD-OrangeTeam (1280x708)
The Orange Team
FD-Cutie (960x1280)
Pretty girl
FD-EnjoyingCompetition (960x1280)
Watching the competitions
FD-HangingwithYellowTeam (1280x960)
The kids loved Doug
FD-Cutie2 (960x1280)
Just adorable
FD-MaryBasketWeaving (1280x960)
Basket weaving - Mary won
FD-MaryCelebrating (815x1280)
Mary celebrating
FD-OrangTeamDancing (1280x960)
The Orange Team dancing
FD-SackRaces (1061x1280)
Sack races
FD-PurpleTeam (1280x813)
The Purple Team
FD-ZackRonin (854x1280)
Zack and Ronin enjoying the show
FD-YellowTeamDancing (1280x960)
More singing and dancing

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