Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Off to Fiji in the morning!

We have really enjoyed our stay on the island of Savaii, Western Samoa, but it is time to get moving again.

Fiji is our final destination and only 4 nights away. Hope Neptune is good to us! So far, the winds, waves, and current are predicted to be light and going in the right direction. Of course, we are probably going to run into some rain showers/squalls, but no avoiding them. I have already got our rain gear ready to go!

Our first stop in Fiji will be the Copra Shed Marina, Savu Savu Bay, on the island of Vanua Levu. We hear it is Cruisers Heaven. Looking forward to checking it out for ourselves.

It looks like we will be arriving in Fiji just in time to celebrate Doug's 60th birthday - yeah! Can't believe he will be 60 - he still looks like the sweet young guy I fell in love with over 34 years ago. Pretty amazing...

We took two road trips while we were visiting Savaii - it is a very beautiful island and the Samoan's so warm and friendly. It has been nice to be able to stay places long enough to really get to know the cruisers and the locals. We definitely like the slow pace. I promise to post lots of pictures once we get to Fiji and have cheap internet. Ah, the luxuries.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a beautiful Fall!

PS: We are eating gourmet on this crossing. I made a batch of cinnamon rolls, a loaf of poppy seed bread, and Doug is baking up some pizzas - comfort food. Good thing we found that 5 pound bag of shredded Mozzarella - only $30US. Score!

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Anonymous said...

Fair winds and following seas...
Pete A