Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beautiful Matautu Bay!

We have been here in Matautu Bay, on the island of Savaii, a week already - how does that happen?
Matautu Bay

It is a big bay with lots of reef and coral, plus great sand beaches.  Unfortunately, we haven't been able to explore more than the bay and the local villages due to our dinghy engine issues - rats.

We were lucky and our boat neighbors on Mazu and Mystic Rhythm were here with us for awhile and would take us into the Savaii Lagoon Resort.  A very nice place right on the beach with good food, cold beer, and internet.  The necessities!

Enjoying Savaii Resort and internet!
Since they left, we have been rowing our kayak into shore, which is not that easy and a little stressful - at least for me. 

We have to wait for high tide so that we can pass over the reef, plus fighting the current and the wind.  It only takes us about 20 minutes, but it sure seems longer.  Good thing Doug is a strong paddler cause I keep picturing us floating out to the open ocean - yikes!

Pretty villages - lots of pigs
Wayne and Sarah, who manage the Savaii Lagoon Resort, have been very helpful (and nice) and connected us to a engine mechanic, plus let us use their phone.  The mechanic has given Doug some good tips, which Doug immediately implemented.  The engine is definitely working better, but not quite 100%, but it will get us back and forth to shore.  Yeah - no more rowing!

Glass Bottom Boat
Today, has been very stormy with lots of rain and some big gusts of wind, plus throw in some thunder and lightening (yikes).  So we are having a boat day.  Working on projects, reading, movies, etc..  Nothing too exciting - except that it is pizza night - we like pizza night.

Next, we hope to take an all day tour of Savaii (if the weather improves).  Plus, we need to do a little provisioning before we start sailing to Fiji - our final destination. 

Hard to believe it has been over 3 months since we left Hawaii - our journey is almost over!

Mystery plant?
PS:  If you ever come to Samoa, be sure to check out the Savaii Lagoon Resort.  I think you would really enjoy the experience.

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